Humidor PC (HTPC)

Featured in The New York Times



The Home Theater PC:

I built this for my theater system -all controlled via a wireless mouse and keyboard. Hitting any key on the keyboard turns it on, and an icon in the quick launch ejects the DVD/CD. Video is shared 64MB RAM - broadly equivalent to a TNT2 Ultra (speed wise).

Now I can watch SVCD, VCD, DVD, AVI, streaming video (connected to my LAN), Xvid, MOV, MP3 music, etc. Surf the web from the couch, -do anything a Windows XP machine can do.


-C3 Pentium at 933Mhz (266 FSB)
-256MB PC2100 RAM (266 FSB)
-10GIG notebook HDD
-Super Video out
-5.1 optical DTS sound out (coax S/PDIF)
-10/100 NIC
-USB 2.0
-Mini 70w power supply
-One 40mm fan, one 50mm fan
-All the standard onboard connections you would expect a PC to have
-sliver wireloom


The humidor measures 10.25" length x 8.75" wide x 4.25" depth. This does not get hot at all, as most people would think.

Total cost was around $450.00


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